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A1 French Drains serves Tulsa and surrounding areas with French Drains / Storm Drains / Retaining Walls / Yard Leveling / Sodding / Haul Off / Fill Dirt / Tractor Work / Snow Removal / Dumpster Rental / D-Misting

How Do I assess my Drainage needs?
The first line of defense is to see if you can create good drainage by re-grading where practical. When a low area is part of a lawn you might need to cut out reusable strips with at least 3″ of soil attached to the roots. These can be reinstalled after grading. A little starter fertilizer will encourage re-growth of roots with its extra phosphorous. The fill for re-grading this and other garden areas can involve mixing in organic materials such as compost and sand to break up clay and make a soil that drains better. Adding sand and organic material to all poor draining soils is helpful.

What is involved in a successful French drain?
(Whether you hire it done or try it yourself, here is the process) Cut a channel at least 9″wide. You can make the depth as little as 9″if needed to avoid sensitive tree roots, but a foot or more is better.
Slope: Sometimes a French Drain is installed in low areas and can only be put in flat. If it ends somewhere that water can go, even three or four inch perforated drainpipe aids in overall performance. Rain rock can be any of a number of types. Rock over 1″tends to hold in place better than gravel. It is important that the rock contains very little fines, such as found in base material, that can impede drainage.

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